Back in the planning stages...who knew this little place would get so crowded?!

Back in the planning stages...who knew this little place would get so crowded?!

To our Pine & Crane family,

Thank you all so much for your support during our first year! It’s hard to imagine how far we’ve come since our soft opening, all the way through the craziness surrounding the recent holiday season and into the New Year. We’ve been extremely blessed by the enthusiasm of the guests, neighbors, and surrounding community that comprise our extended family. Our exciting recent news certainly would not be possible without you all, and we’re honored and grateful for all the continued support! We want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone—and also to announce a slight change in our service that will hopefully improve your dining experience.

In an effort to make our seating process as painless as possible, we’ve created a system that will go into effect anytime we have more than two parties waiting for tables. Here’s how it works: After you place your order at the counter, our register station will take down your ticket number and the number of guests in your party. Our “seater” will then make every effort to accommodate you according to when you placed your order. We know it’s stressful to be “on the prowl” for your own table, and hope this new system will eliminate any hassle when you come eat with us. From now on, simply place your order and then relax and have a drink at the counter, or even wait outside with non-alcoholic drinks! Our seater will find your party and seat you as soon your table is ready, and our kitchen will make sure that your food is prepared promptly thereafter.

As always, to-go orders can be picked up at the counter to the right of the register. Any of our servers can assist you with settling the bill for a to-go order; so if you are waiting at the counter, please feel free to flag one of us down.

Finally, we want to say that we are always open to feedback and are constantly searching for ways to improve. Please leave us a note in the comments below, or simply stop by and say hello!

Thanks so much!